The earliest records of the Farm are dated back to the end of the 15th century, during the Renaissance. At this time, Florence was ruled by the Medici dynasty, who, under the kingdom of Lorenzo il Magnifico, is responsible for fostering the development of the flourishing arts and culture. In this period, Florence is home to some of the greatest artists of the European Renaissance, such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli.


At the same time, the Capponi family, one of the most influential of Florence, built our Farm, located about 25 km from Florence in a hilly area overlooking the gentle slopes of the Chianti. From this position derives the name “Poggio Capponi”, or “Capponi Hill”, which has denoted the Farm and its surrounding lands ever since its construction.


The farm soon revealed particularly suitable for both agricultural practice and as a holiday mansion, two functions which still maintains today. Cultivations of vines, olives and wheat flourished in the farm’s lands and the farmers who settled in continued to harvest these fields for generations.


Moreover, we can still find references to the Farm at the end of the eighteenth century in a document (the Cabreo) that describes in detail the properties of the Marquises Capponi.

Lastly, during the last century, the Farm’s activities were characterized by the traditional productive activities of the Chianti territory, which are intensely continued today.


For more than five hundred years, from the top of its promontory Poggio Capponi has overlooked its hills, woods, vineyards and olive groves, surrounded by one of the most evocative landscapes of this region.

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