At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Poggio Capponi Farm was a place of rare beauty, where wine, oil and wheat were traditionally produced as in the rest of the Montespertoli area.

During the 1930s, Giuseppe Rousseau Colzi, a Florentine industrial entrepreneur, struck by the sweetness of the hills and the beauty of the surrounding landscape, bought the property. In these years the Farm was transformed into the ideal place to share periods of vacation and rest with friends and family. The days were characterized by hunting, moments of celebration and feast, and appreciation of the agricultural activities of the countryside.


After the forced interruption during World War II, the Rousseau Colzi family continued managing the farm and the surrounding lands. In this period, Giovanni, son of Giuseppe, took over the family business and, together with his son Michelangelo, gave renovated impetus to the agricultural activities.


These years are characterized by great investments to modernize structures and productions processes. At the same time, the farmhouse activity is conceived and started. This activity is today managed by Giovanni’s daughter, Gioconda Rousseau Colzi, whose work enables many visitors from around the world to experience the beauty and spirit of these timeless lands.


The beautiful lands of Poggio Capponi have also been recognized by the Cinema industry. Indeed,  many scenes of the 1982 film “The Night of San Lorenzo” by directors Paolo and Vittorio Taviani were shot in the fields of the farm. Furthermore, in 1994, George Lucas chose Poggio Capponi to shoot some scenes of the famous “The Young Indiana Jones” saga.


Today, after almost four generations, the Rousseau Colzi family continues to manage with dedication and passion the activities of Fattoria Poggio Capponi to offer an enchanting place where customers can taste the products of the land of Chianti and get lost in the green of its hills.


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