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Our Lands

Soil and Microclimate

The property covers 350 hectares on the hills of Montespertoli, of which 34 are vineyards and 35 olive groves. The altitude varies from 250 to 270 metres.
Summers are hot with high peaks of temperature and at night the summer breeze from the hinterland gives a temperature drop, regularising the ripening of the grapes.

Winters are mild and rainfall occurs from November to May, which allows for the creation of water reserves, essential for feeding the vines during the driest season.

The soil is spread over several hills, which is why it is varied, we go from clay to gravelly soils, in fact there are different ripening levels and exposures, from the same vine on different soils we get more results, this helps during the most extreme vintages.
Fattoria Poggio Capponi follows a green philosophy, carefully managing the terroir and the natural environment. 

With over 200 hectares of forest, it adopts sustainable practices such as green manure to enrich the soil with nitrogen and defoliation to strengthen the vines and prevent disease, reducing the use of chemicals. The farm uses rainwater to produce high quality wines with a distinctive character.


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Wine and Oil

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Wine Mosaic

Heart of Diversity and Quality

The Poggio Capponi vineyards represent a mosaic of varieties and terroirs, each with its own unique identity. This list details the different vineyards on the estate, each with specific varietal sizes and compositions. From the small single-varietal plots to the larger plots planted with traditional and international grapes, each vineyard contributes to the distinctive range of wines produced by Poggio Capponi. 

Here is a summary of the vineyards that define the character and quality of their wines.
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